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48 Volt 50 Amp Forklift Battery Charger


The PBM Industrial 48 Volt 50 Amp Battery Chargers are well built for forklift or other industrial applications where a smart charger of high amp output is appropriate, and single phase input is desired or required because of availability. There are no manual timers to mess with, as the internal charge regulation is done by the microprocessor for a full charge every time. Economical yet powerful enough to handle most forklift applications, these chargers are designed to withstand continuous duty use quietly and efficiently. The linear transformer and microprocessor control give years of trouble free service. They have a 4 digit LDC display with 12 functions. These units complete the charge and go into a maintenance mode. For wet cell lead acid batteries, 250 to 350 AH.

PBM 48 volt 50 amp forklift Charger Part#: 30-226

48 Volt 50 Amp Charger



These 50 amp units ship truck freight, included in the price. We will verify DC connector before completing the order. Usually these are 175 amp or 350 amp Anderson type connectors, in red, grey, or blue. Color and amp rating are not interchangeable. See pictures below.

Specifications:  Features:
Dim (LxWxH):19.7 x 15.7 x 31.5 Ferroresonant Design
AC Input:208V/240V/480V Microprocessor Control
AC Current Draw:17.5A/15.1A/7.6A LCD Display
Output:48 Volt 50 Amp Single Phase Input
Warranty:5 Years  
Approvals:UL, CUL, CE  

PBM Forklift Battery Chargers

Technical features:
• Single-phase input supply: 208/240/480 VAC - Frequency 50/60 Hz.
• Different power supply voltages available on request.
• Transformer adjustments to 5% VAC.
• Tropicalized stray-flux transformer, copper windings with double enamel insulation, class H, impregnated with non-toxic resins, kiln-dried.
• Transformer with UL recognized insulation system which ensures high reliability even in difficult operating conditions.
• Low voltage control circuit (24 VAC).
• Overload cutout on transformer.
• Rectifier bridge equipped with interference suppressing filters.
• Protection fuses on mains input and D.C. output.
• Final acceptance test conforming to safety regulations.
• Complete with charging cables and battery connectors.
• Power cord to be installed by the customer.
• Can be stacked up to three units high.
• Charging with decreasing current to 2.4 V/cell, then gas charging stage begins (adjustable).
• Time controlled gas charging, adjustable by dip switch (3 hours standard).
• Equalizing charge automatically performed 60 minutes after last charge cycle.

Forklift Battery Desulfators:

48 volt powerpulse
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See our forklift battery charging tutorial!

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