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36 Volt PBM Forklift Battery Chargers - Single Phase

If you see a model you like, write down the price. It will be hard to beat it for a NEW charger.

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PBM single phase Charger

PBM 36 Volt Forklift Chargers

36 Volt 60 Amp Charger $1295 For 300 - 420 Amp Hour Battery
36 Volt 100 Amp Charger $1390 For 500 - 700 Amp Hour Battery
36 Volt 120 Amp Charger $1450 For 600 - 840 Amp Hour Battery
36 Volt 140 Amp Charger $1540 For 700 - 980 Amp Hour Battery
36 Volt 160 Amp Charger $1590 For 800 - 1120 Amp Hour Battery

Heavy Duty 36 Volt Ferroresonant Chargers!

These 36 volt single phase PBM battery chargers are available in a variety of amperages, with selectable input voltage. Forklift chargers are usually sized for amp output based on the amp hour capacity of the battery they are charging. There is some leeway here, but excessive deviation from the recommended unit can lead to shortened battery life or capacity due to overchargingc or sulfation. The batteries cost more than the chargers by a significant margin, so we try to avoid this occurence. These units are UL, CUL, CE approved, and have a four digit LCD display, indicating such things as real time delivered current, battery voltage before charging, delivered charge (ah), overall charge time, final voltage reached by battery. They are microprocessor controlled, and dip switch programmable for automatic start, 8 value final charge timer, initial stage timer, equalizing charge. They are fuse protected on the input, and DC output, and overload protected on the transformer. Excellent quality units, and stackable three high. 5 year warranty.

Forklift Battery Desulfators:

36 volt powerpulse
Get Maximum Battery Life
and Maximum Battery Power
36 Volt PowerPulse $66

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